5 International Destinations That Are Still Affordable In 2023

5 International Destinations That Are Still Affordable In 2023

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International travel is on the rise in 2023, and so are prices.

According to recent data from AAA, international travel is up more than 200% so far this year compared to 2022. Additionally, international airfare is up more than 30% compared to last year.

Colombia Beach

Travelers who are trying to plan international trips for this summer are currently being met with exorbitantly high prices for airfare, hotels, and activities.

There are a few ways to score deals for international travel in 2023. For example, traveling during the off-season is a great way to save money.

While flights and hotels are sky-high for this summer in Europe, prices go down considerably in September and October.

If you’re looking for a summer getaway abroad, though, here are the best affordable destinations to consider for your next trip:

Portugal Beach

1. Portugal

Portugal remains one of the best destinations in Western Europe for an affordable summer vacation. Although prices have gone up in recent years, Portugal is still much cheaper than any other country in Western Europe.

The incredible popularity of Portugal is due to its incredible cities like Lisbon and Porto, beautiful beaches, delicious food and wine, laidback lifestyle, and affordable prices.

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Lisbon Portugal

2. Albania

Albania is another affordable destination that is perfect for the ultimate European summer vacation. It’s home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in Europe that rival those of Greece or Italy.

The most expensive part about visiting Albania will probably be getting there. There are no direct flights from the United States to Albania, so traveling there may require multiple flight connections. But once you’re on the ground, your money will go further than almost anywhere else in Europe.

Beachfront hotels, food, transportation, and activities are all much more affordable in Albania than in nearby countries like Croatia or Greece.

beach at himare albania

3. Guatemala

Guatemala is one of the best destinations in Central America. It has the charming colonial city of Antigua, Mayan ruins deep in the jungle at Tikal, beautiful Lake Atitlan, and laidback beaches on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Flights from the United States to Guatemala are often very affordable, and overall a visit to this Central American nation can be much cheaper than going to Mexico or the Caribbean.

Panoramic View Of The Volcanic Lake Atitlan In Guatemala, Central America

4. Canada

Canada may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of “affordable destinations” but a trip up north can be surprisingly cheap for American travelers. Canada is a great summer destination due to its pleasant weather, beautiful nature, and vibrant cities that come alive during the warmer months.

The exchange rate for converting U.S. dollars to Canadian dollars remains favorable ($1 USD gets you $1.34 CAD at the time of writing) so your money will go further in Canada.

Airfare to Canada from the United States tends to be much cheaper than other international destinations, and it’s even possible to drive or take the train depending on how close you are to the border.

canada lake mountains

5. Colombia

Finally, Colombia is an affordable destination to visit this summer. Airfare to Colombia from the United States is regularly cheaper than airfare to other South American countries or even Mexico and the Caribbean.

If you’re looking for milder weather, you can find it in Bogota and Medellin, while Cartagena and Colombia’s Caribbean coast make the perfect tropical getaway for summer.

Colombia is one of the most affordable destinations in Latin America for everything from hotels to food to activities, so you’ll be able to get more for your money here.

Church Of St Peter Claver Bocagrande In Cartegena, Colombia, South America

While international travel is more expensive than previous years as we go into summer 2023, these destinations remain affordable options for a vacation abroad.

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