5 Reasons This Is The Best Beachfront All-Inclusive Resort In Punta Cana For American Travelers

5 Reasons This Is The Best Beachfront All-Inclusive Resort In Punta Cana For American Travelers

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There are certain places that check all the boxes for the typical American traveler — and as an American myself, I can really tell when a place puts effort into making sure they set themselves apart to make us feel right at home.

Most recently, I had a fantastic stay at the Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic, where I was blown away by how perfect it was, especially for Americans.

Aerial view of live aqua punta cana

What Do Americans Look For On Vacation?

This question has an easy answer…


While not every American traveler wants to sit on the beach and sip on cocktails all day, many of us are looking for an escape from our day-to-day life. As such, we are looking for one thing above all else — we want everything to be easy.

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The average American only gets 11 days of paid vacation per year. And while we could write a whole post on that fact alone, it is what it is.

As a result, most Americans don’t want to have to spend their days off worrying about where to eat, how much they are spending, how to find what they need, or anything else.

Easy, simple, fast, comfortable and convenient. That’s what most Americans are looking for on vacation, and the Live Aqua Beach Resort Punta Cana makes sure to provide it.

Here are 5 reasons why the Live Aqua Punta Cana all-inclusive is perfect for American travelers:

Everything Is Easy

This cannot be overstated. Staying at the Live Aqua Punta Cana made me realize just how much I want to live on a resort for the rest of my life 😅. They made everything so incredibly easy I felt like I didn’t even have to think about doing anything for myself.

From the moment you check in until the moment you leave, your every need is catered to. In fact, you’ll may grow accustomed to their amazing service even before you land.

I had flight issues on the day I traveled down and ended up having to change my flight to land in Santo Domingo rather than Punta Cana. I could have pushed the flight back another day and stayed in Charlotte for the night, but I had plans I really did not want to miss the next day and was happy to pay the difference if needed.

99% of travelers will fly into the Punta Cana International Airport, and roundtrip airport transportation is included in their stay with Live Aqua.

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As a result of my flight issues, I had to change my ground transport at the last minute, and the concierge was more than accommodating in making this happen. I never felt worried it wouldn’t be sorted out by the time I landed, and I was right not to.

Though my time on the road was much longer (and later) than I had anticipated, I landed in Santo Domingo and was quickly whisked away to the Live Aqua.

When I finally reached the resort, it was a bit after midnight. I wondered how check-in would go since it was so late, and it was a breeze! I was checked in within a minute or so, and the concierge took my bags, loaded them onto a golf cart, and drove me right to my room.


Check in at Live Aqua Punta Cana is a breeze!

♬ Lazy Weekend

This level of service was already impressive and very welcomed after such a long travel day. When I got to my room, I scanned in with my new Live Aqua bracelet (another feature that makes staying there so easy) and got some much-needed rest in an ultra-comfy bed.

Here are some highlights of why everything is so easy at Live Aqua:

  • Resort Bracelet: No need to worry about forgetting your key while at the Live Aqua Punta Cana. When you check in, you’ll get a bracelet (don’t worry, it’s really comfy) that acts as your room key.
  • Personal Butler on WhatsApp: If you stay in a suite or book at club level, you’ll have constant access to your own butler via WhatsApp. This comes in handy when you have any requests at all, such as restocking the mini-fridge or bringing extra water bottles.
  • Food Is Always a Few Steps Away: There are so many food options, which are outlined more below, and you can always order room service too! In fact, when I arrived after midnight, the concierge made sure to ask if I was hungry after my long travel day. Anytime you are hungry, there will be food around.
  • Check-In/Out: I touched on this above, but checking into the Live Aqua Punta Cana was the easiest process ever, and checking out was exactly the same, which was great as I was rushing to make sure I made my flight out.

Endless Food Options With Good Portions

Americans are used to, quite frankly, portions that are more than necessary. For better or worse, most meals ordered out while in the States could easily be turned into 2, and this is what we are used to.

When traveling in certain areas of the world, I always have to remind myself not to expect the same thing abroad.

However, the Live Aqua Punta Cana makes you feel right at home with their portion sizes, and it doesn’t matter which restaurant you visit. And speaking of restaurants, you will never get bored of the variety. The Live Aqua boasts so many different places to eat and grab drinks it might even be hard to try them all!


Soooooo many options for food with Live Aqua Punta Cana!

♬ Food!

Best of all, there is no need to make a reservation!

Many all-inclusives may have fine dining included as part of the stay, but you are often limited to certain nights, and you have to reserve your dinner in advance.

At Live Aqua, this is completely unnecessary. Want some fine-dining Italian food on a whim? Not a problem!

Places you can eat and drink include:

  1. Liberi: This is the go-to spot when you want a bit of everything. A buffet-style restaurant that is great for breakfast or any other times you just want to stop in and eat right away.
  2. Seishin: This is the perfect spot for people who love Asian fusion​.
  3. Cool Fever: This is the resort’s coffee shop, perfect for a quick pick me up after a morning walk on the beach.
  4. Sospiro: This restaurant offers a feast of traditional Italian cuisine​​ and was one of my favorites. I’m a sucker for Italian food, and this did not disappoint.
  5. Compton St: This is a cool little sports bar offering quick bites and tasty drinks. It’s also a great place to play a round of pool.
  6. Chez Rose: This is the perfect place for a more formal dinner and the French cuisine here is to die for. Highly recommend visiting at least once!
  7. Miraflores: Get your Instagram ready, this casual spot is right on the beach and is the perfect place for a lunch with gorgeous views and a refreshing ocean breeze.
Aerial view of sargassum barriers live aqua punta cana
Miraflores at Live Aqua Punta Cana
  1. ATL: Who doesn’t love Mexican food? Live Aqua is a Mexican-based brand, so they know what they are doing in ATL. Trust me, you’ll want to stop in.
  2. Wonderpool: This is an outdoor casual area in the middle of all of the pools where you can take in the beautiful gardens a scenery with a tasty drink in hand.
  3. Moonada: This rooftop bar overlooks the entire property as well as the beach and is a great spot to enjoy music and cocktails.
  4. Huzur: A covered outdoor Mediterranean restaurant that overlooks one of the prettiest beaches in the Dominican Republic… what’s not to love?
  5. The Strainer (aka the Lobby Bar): Don’t discount the lobby, it’s one of the prettiest parts of the resort! It’s also a great place to grab drinks and socialize while waiting for transportation before heading off on any day trips.

Constant Comfort

Are you sensing a theme here? Prepare for everything to be easy. Prepare to be constantly pampered. Prepare to have the most relaxing vacation you’ve ever had.

Live Aqua Punta Cana is one of the most relaxing places I have ever been, and I was beyond comfortable the entire time I was there.

Live Aqua punta cana entrance with rubber duckies

The second you walk in, you are met with Live Aqua’s signature rubber duckies as well as their signature scent that immediately lets you know it is time to kick back and enjoy yourself.

I don’t know what the blend is, but if I had it at home, I don’t think I would ever get any work done 😅.

My room was a den of comfort, and I still find myself daydreaming about the day bed right next to my own entrance to the swim-up pool just outside my room.


Nothing quite beats that swim-up suite feeling! Live Aqua Punta Cana totally delivers.

♬ Cozy

If you get the chance to book a swim-up suite or room, do it! It is so nice to be able to wake up and have a coffee in the inviting water just steps away from your bed while the sun comes up. After this trip, I’m totally sold on swim-up rooms and find myself looking for them whenever I travel.

But the comfort doesn’t stop in the room. All over the resort, you will find cozy spaces to dig into a bit of relaxation time. From the cabanas by the pool and beach to the inviting sofas in the lobby, you’ll not find an inch of the Live Aqua that doesn’t scream (or whisper, perhaps) relaaaxxx 😄.

And if the constant comfort surrounding you isn’t enough to fill your cup, then head to the Feel Harmony Spa! Enjoy the different water rituals before heading to the sauna, or reverse order if you like. Just be sure to book the best massage you’ve had in ages before leaving!

I tried the deep tissue massage and felt like a new person when it was over. Seriously, the flight back to Punta Cana would be worth it just for another massage. Working entirely remotely means hours and hours on the computer, and I’m not the best at making sure I’m conscious of my posture.

As a result, my neck is pretty much always sore. After my deep tissue massage, I was able to move my head around pain-free for the first time in a long time!

Fast Service

I’ve lived in the Caribbean before for a time, and to spare specific islands any negativity, I’ll refrain from naming where. But one thing that can ring true in many areas is island time. And usually, this is a welcome experience after the constant go go go of the U.S.

However, waiting too long for food or drinks can get old for anyone if it takes too long, but most Americans (including myself) are used to very quick service.

Waiting more than a few minutes for a drink feels unnatural unless you live somewhere long enough to get used to it.

Luckily this was no issue at Live Aqua. Not only do they make sure to give the best service possible, but they also make sure it is quick. Whether it’s food, drinks, a request from your butler, or anything else, it’s unlikely that you’ll be waiting for long.

Constant Entertainment

America is known for constant entertainment, and as a result, we as Americans are always looking for the next thing to do, watch, or explore. I can only sit on the beach and read a book for so long before I feel like I need to move on to the next adventure.

I had no issue finding things to do at the Live Aqua, and I definitely plan to go back to explore some more. Not only does the resort itself have constant entertainment lined up for guests, but there are many fun day trips that are easy to set up right at the resort.

If you are headed to Punta Cana, I would highly recommend visiting the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Reserve with Tropical Incentives. On your way there, your guide will give you information about Punta Cana, and the history of the area is very interesting in and of itself.


No better place to explore than the Dominican Republic

♬ Nature Love

Once on the reserve, you’ll be able to spot beautiful tropical birds, turtles, and more as you make your way through the reserve on your way to explore several cenotes. The water is clear as can be and super refreshing on a hot day.

Typically, I’d say the cenotes are a perfect way to get away from sargassum-covered beaches, but you don’t even have to worry about that at the Live Aqua, as they have sargassum barriers in place to keep their beaches pristine.

Sargassum Barriers at Live Aqua Punta Cana
Live Aqua Punta Cana Sargassum Barriers

While at the resort, you can join in on the fun by checking out some of the shows they have at night or getting a workout in at one of the super-fun group fitness classes. There is always something going on, whether it be a fun group workout, bumping music, games, or a show.

The resort makes it easy to know what is going on as they give you the schedule when you check in, and they also post it on a giant board on your way to Liberi.

Summing Up

Punta Cana is an absolutely gorgeous slice of the Caribbean, and you would be doing yourself a disservice by staying in anything less than the best while there. Live Aqua is certainly among the best and is the perfect place for Americans (and everyone else) to unwind and enjoy all that Punta Cana has to offer.

If you decide to visit Punta Cana, definitely be sure to check out The Dominican Republic Sun for all the latest travel news for Punta Cana and more!

**Travel Off Path was a guest of Live Aqua Punta Cana, who helped with the creation of this itinerary by hosting some of our accommodations and attractions. Our opinions, recommendations, and suggestions remain our own.**

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This article originally appeared on TravelOffPath.com

Traveler Alert: Don’t Forget Travel Insurance For Your Next Trip!

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This article originally appeared on TravelOffPath.com

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