6 Reasons Why This Stunning Southeast Asian Country Is Surging In Popularity

6 Reasons Why This Stunning Southeast Asian Country Is Surging In Popularity

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Asia has been a hotspot for travelers this year. With so many wondrous places to explore, travelers have been booking flights across the continent.

Southeast Asia has been on travelers’ radar for years, but of course, the pandemic put a halt to that. Now that the travel industry is thriving again, this region has picked up where it left off.

There are so many awesome places to choose from when booking a trip. Do you go with a beautiful up-and-coming destination in Thailand? Or do you stick to something familiar, such as Bali?

Woman in Malaysia

If those don’t tickle your fancy, then maybe Malaysia will. This stunning country is surging in popularity and beating experts’ predictions.

Over 18 million tourists are expected to have visited Malaysia by the end of the year. Here are 6 reasons why this stunning Southeast Asian country is surging in popularity:

More Flight Options

Malaysia is expected to exceed its tourism goal by more than 2 million travelers. This is in part due to an increase in the number of flights to get here.

airport board

More connectivity means easier access. Sometimes, when we book a trip, seeing the inconvenient layovers can turn us away.

That shouldn’t be the case any longer with Malaysia as airports have taken into account traveler demand making this country a travel hotspot.

The Astonishing Capital City

In all likelihood, you’re gateway into Malaysia will be the astonishing capital city, Kuala Lumpur. This sprawling cultural city will take your breath away.

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tourist taking picture of Kuala Lumpur skyline

Travelers will be met with gorgeous architecture, a buzzing nightlife scene, cultural markets and jaw-dropping mosques throughout the city.

While some travelers end up exploring more of the country, Kuala Lumpur is a destination all on its own for a great experience in Malaysia’s urban jungle.

Simple Digital Nomad Visa

Remote workers continue to pack up their laptops and hit the road. Malaysia is a preferred destination for digital nomads, with a big factor being the country’s easily obtainable visa.

In fact, it is said to be the easiest digital nomad visa in all of Asia. More mainstream countries, such as Thailand, are getting more expensive.

digital nomad working barefoot with coffee

Malaysia is a much better option for long-term stays for those on a strict budget. Not only is the country super affordable, but the visa is on the cheap side too.

Digital nomads can call this beautiful country home for up to a year before seeking renewal. Rent prices don’t even come close to American standards.

Those who choose to come here long-term can expect a boatload of savings for housing costs.

Perfect For Solo Travelers

One of the top trends for traveling this year is venturing out on your own. Friends have plans? No worries, you don’t need permission to go out and have the time of your life flying solo.

solo traveler looking at Kuala Lumpur skyline

Like most countries in Southeast Asia, Malaysia fits the bill as a perfect fit for solo travel. The country is affordable, offers stunning nature and has a plethora of comfortable hostels and affordable stays.

Those with a sense of adventure will love tours through stunning nature, and let’s not forget about the pristine beaches.

Unspoiled Beaches

When you think of beach getaways, Malaysia may not be the first place to come to mind. However, it should be in the upper tier of amazing beaches to visit on your travel wishlist.

travelers visiting waterfall in Malaysia

Malaysia’s coastline stretches almost 3,000 miles with gorgeous blue waters that rival other Asian hotspots, such as Vietnam and Thailand.

If you’re not up for a beach trip, many travelers make Kuantan a must-visit stop on their trip. This easy-to-reach city is a perfect day trip from the capital for swimming, waterfalls, and a turtle sanctuary.

Malaysia Is Safe

Malaysia has an extraordinary clean record in terms of safety in their country. Tourists are rarely harmed, and travelers love exploring not only the cityscape but the scenic countryside and beautiful beaches.

Malaysia police on motorbikes

The U.S. State Department classifies Malaysia at the lowest level of safety threats with a Level 1 grade suggesting travelers to ‘Exercise Normal Precautions’.

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