8 Destinations You Need To Visit Before They Become Too Popular According To TikTok

8 Destinations You Need To Visit Before They Become Too Popular According To TikTok

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Traveling this year can be tricky. With rising gas prices, flights are becoming more expensive, and post-pandemic, everyone wants to go everywhere. Another big topic that is trending is overtourism.

With places like Mykonos and Petra getting an influx of travelers, it’s taking away from what travelers want to do: get away.

Woman on a boat in palawan

You can’t get away if surrounded by a million people, and people realize that.

Now more than ever, people are looking to social media to find their next destination, and one big trend is shouting out the best places to visit before they become too popular. 

The era of gatekeeping is no longer, and TikTok is letting loose on the best places to visit right now. They range from places like Saudi Arabia to California and are almost guaranteed to give you those getaway vibes.

Don’t take your time deciding; pretty soon, these destinations will become popular, and even though they are equally as fun, you can say you were among the first to discover them. 

Check out the eight destinations you need to visit before they become too popular, according to TikTok:

Tropical landscape with rock islands, lonely boat and crystal clear water, Palawan, Philippines.

Palawan, Philippines 

According to TikTok, Palawan (an archipelagic province) in the Philippines is the next best place to check out.

Here you’ll get total Avatar vibes without trying too hard. Beautiful waters are almost crystal blue/green, surrounded by exciting peaks that seem almost unreal.

Head over to the Puerto Princesa Underground River by boat, where you’ll find total alien vibes.

The island also has fantastic white sand beaches and a cool town. If you’re a fan of scuba diving, this place is excellent for that.

The best times to go are in its dry season, November to May. Check it out before it’s too late. 

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@destinationinspiration Who are you bringing with you?? This is an island of the Philippines and just so happens to look like it’s from the set of Avatar 2! If you go, please take care of this beautiful land!! #traveltiktok #travelinspo #bucketlisttravel #uniquetravel #airbnbfinds #traveltips #philippinestiktok #fyp cc: @pikeitup07 @Brendan Butler @Warren Camitan @Giada | London & Travel @Tae Westcott ♬ Madan (King) – Bakermat

Glass Beach, California 

Near Fort Bragg, this place is a TikTok and Instagram lovers’ dream. It’s a stone beach with different colored sea glass.

There is so much sea glass here because, back in the 1900s, this used to be a significant trash dumping site. The ocean has rounded out all the glass and brought it back to shore.

Local authorities are working hard to enact specific rules to keep the beach intact.

This is an exciting destination and one you should check out soon. It’s also a great place to learn about sustainability and how to avoid environmental mistakes.  

@travelcloser Where would you like to see next ⭐️ #foryoupage #fy #explore #travel #discover ♬ original sound – Our Beautiful World

Zakynthos, Greece

This TikTok screams summer vacation like ASAP.

Located on Zakynthos, an Ionian island in Greece, Navagio beach is what the video mainly shows.

Only accessible by boat, this beach is one of the most famous attractions on the island. There’s a shipwreck on the beach due to a 1980 boat mishap, and the waters there are incredibly blue.

Book your vacations here soon before the beach overcrowds. Other beaches on the island, like Agios Nikolaos, Alykanas, and Tsilivi, are great for travelers looking for a Grecian holiday. 

@beauty.destinations Zakynthos, the Greek pearl of the Ionian Sea, which is maybe the island with the most unique landscapes! 🤩✨ #fy #foryou #greece #viral #zakynthos #adventure #traveltok ♬ Madan (King) – Bakermat

Blue Lagoon 1 and Phu Kham Cave Vang Vieng, Laos

TikTok is not a reliable source for predicting the future, but we’re counting on it to showcase the Blue Lagoon 1 and Phu Kham Cave in Vang Vieng, Laos.

Known as the only Southeast Asian landlocked country, it makes up for that with its mountains and lagoons.

There are about five blue lagoons, and each one of them has its personality and charm.

The one on this TikTok is Blue Lagoon 1, where you can swim in the lagoon surrounded by lush tree-covered mountains. 

@emilyparnell01 location at rhe end! #travel #2023bucketlist #solotravel #travelbucketlist #southeastasia #backpacking ♬ Boy’s a liar Pt. 2 – PinkPantheress & Ice Spice

Madeira, Portugal 

Madeira is a grouping of four islands off the coast of Africa that are part of Portugal.

What makes them unique is it being a hiker’s paradise.

Any outdoorsy person will love the main island due to its volcano, rocky beaches, and many rugged high cliffs.

There’s also delicious wine here, so don’t miss out on that if you’re checking it out. 

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The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel, Türkiye

If you’re looking for a magical fairytale type of vacation, check out The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel in Türkiye.

Türkiye is a beautiful country with history, culture, and great food.

The Land of Legends Kingdom Hotel is a fantastic spot worth visiting if you’re there. 

@helloturkiyee Hello turkiye 🇹🇷 #turkiye #turkiye🇹🇷 #turkey #thelandoflegends #antalya #belek #fyp #traveltoturkey #turkeyaesthetics #foryoupage #kesfet #amazing ♬ Madan (King) – Bakermat

AlUla, Saudi Arabia 

For the last couple of years, Saudi Arabia has been opening up to the world as a destination, and AlUla is part of that.

If you’ve ever been to Petra in Jordan, you must check out this place.

It’s an ancient oasis city with some of the coolest Nabataean tombs. It’s already becoming trendy, so check it out soon.

@thekemoymartin Would you go here 👀🇸🇦? In September 2019, Saudi Arabia opened its doors to the world for the first time. They are also heavily investing in expansion to take the lead in middle eastern tourism. #alula #saudiarabia ♬ original sound – Kemoy Martin

Great Otway National Park, Australia

If you’re a fan of giant pines, and impressive waterfalls with incredible coastal views, you must check out Great Otway National Park in Australia.

It’s set to become one of the most popular places in Australia for its diverse landscape.

If you’re a fan of hiking, you’ll enjoy this destination. 

@nathsway Home to jawdropping waterfalls and striking rainforests, the Great Otway National Park should definitely be on your bucket list #melbourneaustralia #traveltiktok #uniquetravel #travelaus #adventuretravel #australiatiktok ♬ original sound – maria!

Finding the next ‘it’ destination can be a little difficult, but luckily our friends on TikTok found them for us before anyone else.

Check out these extraordinary destinations before the crowds!

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