A Journey of Discovery with AIME

A Journey of Discovery with AIME

Melbourne, is renowned for its vibrant events industry, and this year’s Asia-Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event (AIME) provided the perfect opportunity for the hosted media program to delve deeper into the city’s allure as the Events capital of Australia.

Kicking off the exploration was a delightful brunch at the iconic Melbourne Botanical Garden, setting the stage for discussions about the park’s potential as a stunning venue for events. With its breathtaking setting, the garden emerged as a compelling option for event planners, offering ideal locations for everything from elegant dinners to lively breakfast and lunch gatherings. Notably, the venue’s catering facilities are overseen by the esteemed chef Curtis Stone, ensuring an exceptional culinary experience for every occasion.

The journey continued at the impressive Marvel Stadium, where the stage was being set for a concert performed by the renowned artist Pink. The stadium showcased its newly upgraded facilities, featuring spectacular spaces for meetings and conferences illuminated by natural light and offering captivating views of Melbourne’s skyline and the bay. The catering services, managed by a talented New Zealand chef Pete Gunn, making his mark on the Melbourne food scene, further enhanced the venue’s appeal. One unique highlight lies in the opportunity to host events in a premier sports venue that is home to five of Melbourne’s top AFL teams, creating an experience that resonates with attendees passionate about sports.

Melbourne Botanical Garden Event Space


The day concluded with a hosted gathering at the River Pavilion, where attendees had the opportunity to unwind while savouring delectable drinks and culinary delights, against the backdrop of Melbourne’s picturesque Yarra riverside.

This immersive journey provided a firsthand glimpse into Melbourne’s diverse and dynamic event spaces, exemplifying the city’s capacity to host a wide array of memorable and impactful events, from elegant soirées in the heart of nature to inspiring gatherings within world-class sports arenas.

The exploration showcased Melbourne’s undeniable charm and demonstrated why it continues to stand tall as a beacon for event excellence, offering an array of exceptional venues and experiences set against the backdrop of a city steeped in culture and vibrancy.



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