Greenland Celebrates Bronze at Wanderlust’s Travel Awards

Greenland Celebrates Bronze at Wanderlust’s Travel Awards

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Photo by Norris Niman – Visit Greenland

Greenland has been honoured with a Bronze award in the category of Desirable Emerging Destination at the 22nd annual Reader Travel Awards, hosted by Wanderlust, the UK’s leading travel magazine known for its extensive reach and history.

The ceremony took place at the British Museum in London on October 7, 2023, where Greenland’s recognition marked a significant achievement on this globally recognised stage. Following last year’s success, where Greenland was voted 7th on the top 10 Emerging Destinations by Wanderlust’s 50.000 readers, this year’s accolade further cements its status as a destination worth discovering.

Where nature narrates a story, locals translate it
Greenland is a destination that is not for everyone, yet for those with a spirit for adventure, it is a place that allows you to feel the might of nature and all of its natural wonders including northern lights and icebergs.

Visit Greenland’s CEO, Anne Nivika Grødem explains: We are proud to achieve this award by Wanderlust. Greenland’s allure lies not only in its awe-inspiring natural wonders, such as the enchanting northern lights and majestic icebergs but also in its vibrant culture, expressed through art, culinary delights, and unique activities like dog sledding.

The heart of our destination beats within the warm embrace of our locals, whose stories and traditions enrich every visitor’s journey. Engaging with them adds a profound layer of authenticity, making a trip to Greenland an enriching and memorable adventure.”

Sustainable initiatives
Building on this momentum and the recent accolate with Lonely Planet, Visit Greenland has launched several sustainable initiatives to ensure it develops in tact with its strategy. The industry launched “Our Pledge Towards Better Tourism”, a collective dream pointing towards how tourism should be developed in Greenland.

Another key focus is how guests can tap into authentic intelligence, which showcases the profound impact of local knowledge. It encourages travellers to step into a world where centuries of authentic knowledge inform every step, creating a tapestry of experiences that AI can’t replicate. Emphasising the importance of close connection with locals on the road less travelled.


The post Greenland Celebrates Bronze at Wanderlust’s Travel Awards appeared first on Brand TD.

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