New data shows Brits prioritising staycations and Greek Islands this summer

New data shows Brits prioritising staycations and Greek Islands this summer

Staycations and the Greek Islands are set to prove particularly popular with British holiday makers this summer, according to new readership data from Taboola, the global leader in powering recommendations for the open web.

Taboola analysed readership trends across its network of UK media publishers from recent weeks, to identify which destinations Brits are reading about the most in the run-up to peak travel season.

Taboola’s data shows that:

  • Views of Staycation-related articles had increased over 1,800%in the last 45 days.
  • Articles related to UK beaches were by far the most read about of any destination – generating 17m viewsover the last month.
  • Articles related toEngland as a holiday destination were read about more than any other country over the last month.
  • Article traffic around UK cities was up 34%over the last month, while article traffic around road trips was also up 26%.
  • When looking abroad, article traffic related to the Greek Islands surged 55%over the last month, faster than any other foreign destination and generating over 1m page views.

Taboola also analysed the UK’s ten most popular travel destinations (according to Sykes Holiday Cottages) to see which were read about the most in recent weeks. The most read were:

  1. Devon – 8.5m page views.
  2. Yorkshire – 6.6m page views.
  3. Cornwall – 6m page views.
  4. North Wales – 3.8m page views.
  5. Northumberland – 1.8m page views.
  6. Dorset – 958k page views.
  7. Cumbria – 801k page views.
  8. Scottish Highlands – 555k page views.
  9. Isle of Wight – 135k page views.
  10. Scottish Borders – 50k page views.

Taboola’s analysis also highlighted how Brits are already planning their holidays for this winter, and where they are looking to go: readership of articles related to Sydney and Miami surged by 15% and 14% respectively over the last 30 days.

Affordability continues to be a key driver of holiday plans, with research from Legal and General highlighting how the cost of a trip is the biggest barrier to travel (42% said this was the number one factor behind a family holiday booking decision). News articles around budgeting, the cost of living crisis and money saving were viewed 13.8 million times in the UK over the last 90 days.

Dave Struzzi, Communications Lead, Taboola said: “Inflation in the UK may have crept down, but many Brits are still feeling the pinch – and with the nation’s news readers flocking towards UK destination stories, a summer of staycations seems on the cards. For those lucky enough to jet off this winter, the warm waters of Sydney and Miami are top of the list.”

“Readership data is critical to understanding this summer’s favourite destinations, as it provides an authentic gauge of the destinations people actually want to visit – whereas platforms such as social media tends to get distorted by influencer activity and other factors.”



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