This Small Island Is The Trendiest Destination In Greece This Summer

This Small Island Is The Trendiest Destination In Greece This Summer

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Visiting Greece is a bucket list dream for many. The whitewashed buildings punctuated with bright blue paint, the food, the friendly people, and the beautiful beaches all draw in tourists from around the globe.

But one Greek island, in particular, has caught the attention of American travelers this year.

According to AirBnB, Mykonos is the number 1 trending international destination for American travelers this summer.

Boats in the busy harbor in Mykonos, Greece

This is particularly surprising because Mykonos is only 6.2 miles long and 9.3 miles wide. Unlike some of Greece’s larger islands, that means that accommodation in Mykonos can be hard to find, particularly during the peak vacation season.

Despite this, here’s why this small island is so popular:

Mykonos Is A Party Island

Although it is small in size, Mykonos is an island that is big on fun.

During the summer months, Mykonos is famed for its party atmosphere, offering visitors plenty of beach bars and an abundance of dance clubs.

Beaches such as Paradise and Super Paradise are particularly popular thanks to their bars that blare thumping music. Night clubs such as Void and Moni in the center of Chora give visitors the chance to dance ‘til dawn.

For these reasons, Mykonos is often compared to Ibiza, the Spanish island which has long had a reputation for being the best party island in Europe.

people at a bar with drinks

Mykonos also has a reputation for being a very LGBTQ+-friendly destination, meaning that many of the clubs and bars advertise that they are gay-friendly, and others organize drag queen parties throughout the summer months.

Mykonos Has Beautiful Beaches

It would be impossible to discuss reasons why Mykonos is so popular this summer without mentioning its beaches.

There are over 30 different beaches that are accessible to the public on the island of Mykonos. The beaches to the south of the island tend to be organized and luxurious, whilst some to the north are remote and don’t boast any facilities.

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Agios Stefanos beach, Mykonos, Greece

What they all have in common is their beauty.

Psarou Beach is the place to be if you’re looking for decadence and celeb spotting.

Agrari Beach is the spot if you’re looking for somewhere a little calmer and quieter.

And Paradise Beach is the most popular beach on the island, attracting the youngest and trendiest crowds.

Boats in Mykonos port, Mykonos, Greece.

Unlike other vacation destinations, the beaches don’t empty at dusk here. You can dance from sunrise til sunset on the beach in Mykonos.

Mykonos Boasts Centuries of History

Although Mykonos is best known for its beautiful beaches to relax on during the day and clubs to dance in at night, it is also an island with a rich cultural heart.

You’ll find windmills dotted across the island, lending it an old-world feel. Adventurers can climb the Cynthus Mountain, where Greek legend says that Apollo was born.

tourists shopping in Mykonos, Greece

The neighborhood of Little Venice is perhaps the most famous on the island. Here you’ll find rows of medieval fishing houses facing the water, lending the area a romantic and Venetian feel that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Mykonos Town boasts a labyrinth-style maze of tiny streets hiding colorful shops and restaurants that are each unique. There’s so much to see and do here.

Mykonos Offers The Best Greek Hospitality

The Greeks are known for being friendly and hospitable people who welcome tourists into their country.

This is particularly true in Mykonos, where locals feel that it is a great privilege to be a guest, and therefore tourists are treated very well here.

You will find that the people of Mykonos are warm and friendly to their visitors, particularly those working within the service industry.

A Greek salad overlooking the sea in Mykonos, Greece.

Whether you are dining on seafood that has been freshly caught that day or sitting in a bar with a cocktail to watch the sunset, you’ll find that the people serving you are always attentive.

And because the vast majority of Mykonians speak excellent English, you won’t find any problems with the language barrier here.

Mykonos Is Where Luxury Meets Budget

What makes Mykonos both unique and appealing is that it is an island that appeals to both luxury and budget travelers.

You’ll find a huge number of five-star resorts and spas here, as well as luxury villas with private chefs and swimming pools. And the ocean is usually littered with yachts full of the rich and famous taking their annual island-hopping vacations.

A woman enjoying the view from the island of Mykonos, Greece.

But at the other end of the budget scale, you can find affordable all-inclusive hotels and quaint guest houses. Access to most of the beaches is free. And outside of the most popular and famous resorts, food and drink prices are very affordable.

There is something for every budget here. And everyone is welcome.

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