Top 6 Summer Destinations (One Might Surprise You!) For American Travelers In 2024  

View of the statues in Trafalgar Square, London

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Haven’t decided where you’re traveling to this summer?

Don’t worry; there’s still time to cement your summer vacation plans.  

In 2023 more Americans traveled internationally than ever before, and forecasts suggest that number will jump up again this year.  

View of the statues in Trafalgar Square, London

But where are they going? 

These are the top 6 summer destinations for American travelers in 2024 based on the latest Google search data.  

The Usual Suspects  

It’s no surprise that London is the most searched city for American travelers this year.

\America’s love affair with the UK capital shows no signs of abating, and for good reason.  

London is a brilliant destination and home to some of the best museums and art galleries in the world. It also boasts a rich cultural heritage, fascinating historical attractions, and incredible architecture.

London is a diverse and welcoming city where tourists can be amazed by the huge variety of things to see and do.  

Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster bridge in London

What’s more, the shared language between the UK and the U.S. makes it an incredibly easy vacation destination for American travelers, particularly those making their first overseas trip. 

London is followed in 2nd place by its near-neighbor Paris, the city of love, which is also a perennially popular destination for U.S. travelers.

Paris is regularly listed as the number one bucket list destination for American tourists.

The popularity of Paris this year is also being bolstered as it is the host city for the Olympic Games this summer.

Paris is preparing for an estimated 15 million visitors to arrive for the games this summer, an incredible number given the city’s population of 12.4 million.  

Top view of flag of french olympics games 2024

Unless you already have tickets or are a huge sports fan, Paris is best avoided between July and August this year.

Plan your bucket list visit for the fall instead.  

Not only will the crowd levels be lower, but the temperatures are also better suited to sightseeing in this exciting and constantly surprising city.  

A Big Surprise  

If spots 1 and 2 for America’s favorite cities were expected, then the city in third place is sure to be a big surprise.

Tokyo is the third most popular destination for U.S. travelers this year, skyrocketing from last year’s 8th place.  

Tokyo skyline and Mountain fuji in Japan

Given the long flight time between the U.S. and Japan, not to mention the costs involved in airfare between the two countries, it is a big surprise that Tokyo is so popular right now.  

But Tokyo’s unique cultural experiences, diverse range of activities, and position in modern pop culture mean that people just can’t get enough of it right now.

Some of the must-visit attractions in the country include the Meiji Jingu Shrine, strolling around Ueno Park, or exploring the electronic wonderland of Akihabara.  

If Tokyo is on your must-visit list, then the good news is that there’s never been a better time to visit Japan than as a U.S. traveler.

The yen has dropped to a 34-year low against the dollar.  

colorful signs in Akihabara Tokyo Japan.

Tokyo has a reputation for being one of the world’s most expensive cities but the weak value of the Yen means that goods, services, attractions and even hotel stays are cheaper than they have been for a long time.  

In 4th place is Rome and in 5th place is New York. A spot that is much closer to home if the idea of flying half way across the world doesn’t appeal to you.  

An Unexpected Drop 

Perhaps another surprise is that Cancun has dropped into 6th place on the list.

America is by far the most popular country of origin among international air passengers to Mexico in general and Cancun in particular. 4.2 million Americans visited the region in 2023.  

As long as there is still sand on the beaches, Americans will continue to head to Cancun in their droves. The number of air links between the two countries are considerable and flights tend to be affordable too.  

cancun from above

So why has the city dropped to be the 6th most popular for American travelers when it was in 2nd place last year? One thought is that some American tourists feel anxious about visiting Mexico right now due to reports of crime and warnings from the U.S. government.  

In response to these concerns, the Mexican authorities have increased police and military presence in the city.

And crime rates in Cancun remain low, making it one of the safest resort cities in Mexico.  

These Are The Top 6 Summer Destinations For U.S. Travelers  

According to Google search data, the complete list of the top 6 most searched summer destinations for American travelers are: 

  1. London, United Kingdom 
  1. Paris, France  
  1. Tokyo, Japan 
  1. Rome, Italy  
  1. New York, United States  
  1. Cancun, Mexico  
view of the colosseum in rome with a beautiful sunset behind

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