Why 70% of Honeymooners swap Roses for Ghost Tours?

Why 70% of Honeymooners swap Roses for Ghost Tours?

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Dare to imagine spending your honeymoon strolling hand-in-hand through ancient cemeteries, sharing ghost stories, or exploring haunted mansions? It turns out that 70% of honeymoon planners would say ‘yes’!

The Rise of Ghost Tours

A survey conducted among honeymoon planners reveals a unique trend: ghost tours are increasing in popularity. Merging history, culture, and just a hint of thrill, these tours present an alternative romantic itinerary for newlyweds seeking offbeat experiences.

Travel expert Julianna Marshall from the International Drivers Association points out, “Travellers today crave uniqueness. Haunted destinations offer this by blending romantic, historical settings with an element of mystery.”

What Attracts Honeymooners to Ghost Tours?

While some crave an adrenaline rush, others are intrigued by the fascinating stories these haunted spots hold. Here are a few key features that make ghost tours appealing:

  • Storytelling: Guides bring history to life. Julianna Marshall believes this is what turns a mundane destination into an unforgettable experience.
  • Mystery and Thrill: Ghost tours provide a hint of the unknown. This can make the tour more exciting and memorable with personal stories.
  • Off-Tourist Path: These tours often lead to lesser-known parts of the city, offering honeymooners a taste of the local life.
  • Romantic Settings: Many haunted sites are located in beautiful historic areas, providing the perfect romantic backdrop.

Most Popular Haunted Honeymoon Destinations

Several destinations have been recognized for their scenic beauty as well as their paranormal activity. A few of the most sought-after haunted honeymoon spots include:

  • Edinburgh, Scotland: Known for its stunning architecture and chilling ghost stories.
  • Charleston, South Carolina: Famous for southern hospitality and a myriad of haunted plantations.
  • Savannah, Georgia: Renowned for its charming squares and haunted inns.
  • Venice, Italy: Offers a blend of romantic canals and haunted palazzos.

Julianna Marshall highlights, Each of these destinations offers not only ghost tours but also beautiful sites, incredible food, and rich culture. It becomes more than just a ghost tour; it’s an in-depth discovery of the destination.

Expert Tips for Planning a Haunted Honeymoon

If a haunted honeymoon is on your mind, consider the following suggestions by Julianna Marshall:

  • Research: Understand the focus of the ghost tour. Some lean towards pure entertainment with good spooks, while others focus on history and storytelling.
  • Check Reviews: Always read reviews, seeking out those written by couples who’ve done the tour on their honeymoon.
  • Schedule Wisely: Ghost tours can be intense. Try not to schedule one on your first day, especially after a long flight.
  • Emotional Preparedness: You should both be comfortable with the idea, ensuring neither party is left unhappy or scared.

Ghost tours offer just that – an unusual, immersive, and unforgettable experience. Different as it may seem, it’s this distinction that makes a honeymoon remarkable. As the percentage of honeymoon planners eyeing ghost tours grows, wanderlusts worldwide may soon find themselves saying ‘I do’ to the scares and charms of haunted destinations.

The post Why 70% of Honeymooners swap Roses for Ghost Tours? appeared first on Brand TD.

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