Why This Major U.S. City Is One Of My Favorite Destinations For Solo Travel 

Why This Major U.S. City Is One Of My Favorite Destinations For Solo Travel 

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More often than not, big cities hold a bad reputation amongst most solo travelers due to their immense populations – but what if this was actually an advantage? 

While it’s important to exercise caution anywhere in the world, sometimes more people = a greater chance to meet others while traveling alone. 

magic hour rooftop nyc woman sitting on statue

There’s nothing worse as a solo traveler than walking around desolate streets at night, but in the city that never sleeps, that’s never an issue!

There are of course a few parts of the city I’d personally avoid, but for the most part people will always be around, and police presence is high (which provides a level of comfort).

I couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions as I pulled up to the concrete jungle for the umpteenth time. New York is a creative escape, a bustling metropolis, and believe it or not, one of the best cities in the U.S. for solo travel – here’s why.

moxy hotel nyc

A Hotel Made for Solo Travelers

During my time in the Big Apple, I had the pleasure of staying at the Moxy Hotel, Times Square. With 5 hotels scattered throughout the city (each with their own unique charm and selling point), they really are the perfect place to situate yourself if you’re traveling alone. 

The playful soul and innovative designs of the brand are evident upon arrival. The friendly hotel staff is ready for all guests, with a quick and smooth check-in process. If you think the chandelier in the lobby area is fun, wait until you see the rooms!

The standard room layouts seem to have been created with solo travelers in mind. Compact, quaint, and easily accessible, everything is organized in a studio-apartment-type fashion. Other room types are made for accommodating all, with bunk beds and sleeping arrangements for bigger groups. 

Make your way to the second floor to find 2 of the reasons that make this city-based hotel perfect for those traveling alone.

Bar Moxy and Legasea are located right inside the Moxy, making it easy to sit at either bar, eat, and chat the night away with fellow travelers or a few locals. (If you visit soon, there’s even a morning breakfast pop-up by Cafe D’Avignon!)

For sweeping city views, head on up to the rooftop bar that is Magic Hour. The eccentric bar is often decorated with seasonal surprises (and even features a rotating seating area. Brunch, lunch, or dinner are sure to be a good time up here – with a couple decorative cocktails on the side of course.

It really is the ideal spot to base yourself in New York if you’re looking to be in the hustle and bustle.

NYC winter

Judgement-Free Zone

As a Brit living in the U.S., I often struggle with being a ‘tourist in my own country.’ Unlike Europe, where solo travelers are a dime a dozen, the U.S. hasn’t fully caught onto the solo travel trend quite as much just yet.

While it’s certainly more prevalent than in the past, hostels and dining alone still aren’t super common in all places. A city where anything goes, New York really has it all. With diverse neighborhoods, cultures, and people, you’ll never feel out of place here.

In a city where it’s very common to see Power Rangers or Cowboys strolling through Times Square, do you think anyone would really judge you for eating a meal alone? 

It’s pretty normal here to come across people from all walks of life, various countries, expats, New York  locals, and plenty of solo travelers – so you won’t be short of new friends to meet!

new york city

Diverse Neighborhoods For All

One of my favorite things about New York is the neighborhoods within the city and how different they each are. Luxurious brownstones and tree-lined streets to quirky areas with thrift stores.

  • East Village & Lower East Side: Best for foodie lovers
  • Chelsea: Best for LGBTIQ+ travelers
  • Upper East Side: best for museums
  • Chinatown: Best for budget travelers
  • Williamsburg: Best for music culture
  • Manhattan: Best if you want to be in the bustle of it all
  • Greenwich & West Village: Best to see famous movie sets
times square at night

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